Monday, May 06, 2013

What's Wrong with Americans?

I was struck by this article as I read it. It was blunt, written simply, effective and powerful. This is just the way that America used to be. A country full of diversity, homogenized under the banner of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. America was the greatest political and social experiment on earth!

Then something happened. We lost our A's for effort. We dumped RIC and now all that is left of America is me. We are no longer America, we are ME. The quote Julius in Remember the Titans, "I am going to look out for myself and I'm going to get mine!"

I am dumbfounded at how the Greatest Generation begat the Me Generation. WWII vets are living legends, and if you are still privileged to see one, then shake their hand, buy them lunch and say thank you! Then maybe over lunch, you can ask them how did they live through the great depression, fix the Axis powers and prevail and then totally drop the ball in teaching those lessons to their children.

We have now moved to where we are a me-centered, narcissistic  microwave society. We have lost the art of ingenuity, thrift and necessity. These have been replaced with exploitation and convenience.

The referenced article does not make you feel good, but perhaps it is the slap in the face that has come to us 50 years too late.

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