Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Look on His Face

I really enjoyed this post by Tim Challies today about seeing the look on the groom's face when he sees his bride. I have thought the same thing. I too love to steal a glimpse of a groom as he watches his bride start to come down the aisle. His smile should be uncontainable and nearly as beautiful as the bride herself.

I know that my heart nearly stopped when I saw my dear sweet bride, locked in arms with my very soon to be father-in-law. I seriously had trouble breathing for a moment. However, few probably noticed as everyone, especially me, was fixated on this beautiful, amazing woman in white as she glided down that petal paved aisle. I have never seen anything so beautiful on this earth!

The only thing more amazing than that, as Challies reminds us, is that Christ will one day view His bride (the Church encompassing all believers) this same way. Once we are perfected in glory, we will shine even more radiantly than my sweet bride (which is pretty hard for me to imagine). His smile will light up eternity!

This is how much Christ loves those who follow Him. That is how much he loves me. I don't get that as I see, and many times wallow in, my imperfections as there are so many, but one day, by His sacrifice, those imperfections will be gone.

What a day to look forward too!

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