Friday, April 26, 2013

Hope Springs in a Garden

The man who has planted a garden feels he has done something for the good of the whole world. ~Charles Dudley Warner

I do not know what it is about planting a garden that makes me feel alive. There is work and expense, both in time and resources. There is generally a harvest to reap in the weeks ahead, but that is not why I like to garden. Gardens are the epicenter of hope. They bring us as close to creation as is possible on this earth I believe. The idea of planting a small seed into the ground and with a little care watch it grow into a towering vine of beans that produces hundreds of pods and seeds. This thought just amazes me every Spring when I begin planting.

If you have never planted a garden, start now. You can't be any less of a gardener than you are right now! Jackie Clay is an experienced gardener/homesteader/writer for Backwoods Home magazine, which is one of my favorites. This article gives you all of the basics on starting a garden. You can simply buy a big flower pot and plant tomatoes or peppers. Start small. Some people use a no-till method of starting a garden bed by simply buying bags of garden soil, poking holes in them for drainage and planting directly into the soil while still in the bag! Listen to Jackie and you will never go wrong!

Regardless of where you live you can grow something. It teaches us so many life lessons and is very rewarding whether you have a bumper crop, or a few small tomatoes. You will be enriched through the process. So, get out this weekend and get your hands dirty!

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